Our Services

Monitoring & Evaluation

Actors implementing projects need to keep track of their performance, by measuring their outputs in relation to planned outcomes. This process helps the actors determine whether the program, project or investment is on track and what changes need to be made. CRED Consulting develops a framework and tools to effectively conduct robust monitoring and evaluation for clients and recommends appropriate corrective action whilst supporting the client organization to implement actions that ensure the projects are on track and offer value for money to the clients.

Research and Baseline Studies

Research shows that executives struggle to get meaningful and complete data insights on time in order to make fast and reliable decisions. Organizations and companies make invest a lot big into state-of-the art analytical intelligence solutions, but not many have managed to build quality insights from internal company or organization data to make value addition solutions. These investments in these systems haven’t provided the executives, managers and decision makers with the correct data or information to make the right decisions. CRED Consulting is keen on addressing these challenges through providing research that will leverage organization resources and CRED’s expertise to provide executives with insights at the right time and thus enable them to make the proper investment and project management decisions. CRED’s research will be instrumental for business organizations, and governments particularly in the sectors of agriculture, business and livestock which are key drivers of the economy of Somaliland/Somalia. CRED Consulting will deliver top-notch baseline studies for its clients and report its findings without prejudice to help implementers have a clear picture of what has been done or not done, thus design appropriate activities or actions to achieve set goals and objectives.

Capacity Building

Organization’s ability to deliver on their mandates is critical if a return on investment is to be achieved or and if organizations are to make meaningful progress in their areas of operation. This ability is the organization’s capacity. CRED Consulting will undertake capacity assessments for its clients and use the findings to make recommendations to organizations and government institutions on what steps to take in order to revamp and enhance their capacity. As part of these services, CRED offers specialized training and short professional courses through seminars and workshops at the workplace including: project management, research and evaluation methods, data analysis, report writing, bookkeeping among others.

Statistical Data Analysis

The interpretation of data collected is significant in decision making. The scope ranges from simple summaries and exploratory analyses to complex modeling and hypothesis testing. Organizations have so much data and information at their disposal and CRED Consulting supports its clients in analyzing data, a service which lets that data speak - delivering the information needed to make sound, practical and valuable decisions.

Strategic Management

CRED Consulting supports businesses, organizations and government entities to set their strategic goals, improve operational efficiency and drive world class levels of performance, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. CRED Consulting’s proven strategic planning methods leverage input from key decision makers within the organization, interviews with individual contributors and discussions with key customers and beneficiaries to develop the strategic plan and align organizational objectives for maximum results and return on investment. Besides, CRED will align the strategy with end-user service industry standards and best practices to ensure your success. CRED Consulting supports its clients to create comprehensive strategic plans, KPIs and goals to lead organizations to the next level of performance. The plan will provide a three to five year roadmap to guide your organizational development and help eliminate the chaos that can result from poor planning. This client centered strategic plan enables organizations, businesses and government entities to prepare for and implement the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve their goals and objectives. In addition to this, CRED supports its clients to develop the relevant management and industry compliance policies that are key in the effective service delivery in organizations, businesses and government entities.